Ever since I took the free trial of Acai Berry a couple of months ago, I have been pleasantly surprised by its results. Acai Berry supplements aid in weight loss by helping the body rid the colon of excess waste. If you believe the ads, Acai Berry supplements can help you get a flat tummy. I can see how that can happen. Especially if you combine Acai Berry with some kind of exercise program.

I'm not saying that by using an Ab Lounge or some similar piece of equipment is needed to get results from Acai Berry supplements, however, I decided my fat gut needed all the help it could get. Today I did a total of 300 crunches on my Ab Lounge. In the morning I did 200, and before I went to bed, I did another 100. When I first started about a week ago, I did 4 reps of 15, I wanted to take it slow.

Since I'm starting over for the nth time, I'm taking it slow. The Ab Lounge is fun for me and I enjoy using it. However, I've been plagued in the past by a defeatist attitude that causes me to stop exercising, even after I begin seeing results.

In addition to the Acai Berry Acai Capsules vitamin supplement, I also take Fish Oil with Omega-3 and Chondrointin Glucosamine with MSM for my creaky knees.

The Fish Oil aids in keeping my blood pressure down, while the Chondrointin Glucosamine aids in bone and joint health. Pure body maintenance is in order at this stage of the game. The Acai Berry supplement is harmless and it works. You can take the 14 day trial by clicking here

or do like I did and order a supply from Puritan's Pride. You'll get a 30 day supply for about $10. My family has been using Puritan's Pride for years.


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