Alright, got an alarm and had the old homestead secured. Today has been a homeowner task day. I had my first and hopefully only experience with the K Mart return desk. It went better than I expected. Just one person in front of me, and I was done. Wal-Mart was a little different though. Employees were congratulating themselves on getting the return lines down quickly. I wonder if that means Wal-Mart gets a lot of returns? Just a thought.

The majority of my day has been hanging around home while further installations took place.

But, my new experience today was I made my very first Boboli Bread (wheat) Pepperoni and Green Pepper Pizza. I used a low fat Mozzarella Cheese with some pretty salty pepperoni slices and sauce. I have high blood pressure, so one bite into this salt fest, and I realized I couldn't eat it. The pizza sauce that came with the Boboli Pizza Bread kit was just too salty.

Anyway, here's a shot of the pizza I made. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like a magazine shot because I didn't apply any of that glossy stuff on it that makes photographed food look like you want to eat it. Oh well, this is the realdeal, what it looks like after being done for 65 minutes. I thought about reheating it just for the purpose of this shot, but I figured, never mind.

Geez, there goes another noise, I gotta get used to the noises this house makes!


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