This morning brought a bevy of emotions--both positive and negative.

First my sister shared a video with me performed by Sally Anthony...I was instantly uplifted as I listened and watched intently to the words in her heart tugging song. Here it is now.

Then, a Global Grind colleague of mine, shared this frightening news report with me. It was a news report of a white male who had hung a ghost of Barack Obama in effigy from a tree in his front yard. The coward would not appear before the cameras, because he "didn't want to affect his employer's business" with his beliefs.

Want to know what those beliefs are?

That this country should only be run by "white Christians" and that Barack Obama is "not a real American."

First off, the illiterate jackass (I apologize to the kids reading this) should know his history. Native Americans were here first before the white man bamboozled the land from them. Does he know his history? Probably not.

Anyone who would hang something in effigy deserves a beating just short of death. This is not the 60's, times have changed and he needs to get with the program. In the report, even his neighbors are offended and ashamed of his behavior.

I know there are ignorant people in this world, but it frightens me. I am not light skinned, so there is no doubt I am a Black woman. So, if this man hates Barack Obama who is fair skinned, then for sure he hates me. It makes me wonder, how many other people are out there just like him.

Suddenly I am afraid to live in a country in which my father fought in the Korean War--fought for American something or another...should I question this...why did my daddy fight if his daughter, his children are no more wanted here than back then?

Today is a great day of sadness for me. Not because I am naive...sure I know there are plenty of idiots in this world...but I fear for Barack Obama's safety if he is elected. I fear for his family. I fear for America.

We are at war with ourselves, at a time when the economy has gone to hell, foreclosures are at an all time high, yet we have such ignorance still here in 2008.

If this person hates black people so much, I am sure he doesn't like any other race either. If you want, you can watch the news report here...just pray first before you watch...it is disturbing.


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