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An Atlanta actuarial company has calculated the life expectancy of both U.S. political candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama.

Giving credit to both of their current physical conditions, the company took age as a major factor by releasing a report that if McCain were elected and re-elected to a second term, he might not make it. Saying further that Sarah Palin would be the first female president of this country.

The report states both "could finish a 1st term in good health."

As I read this story this morning, it made me believe that politics is truly run by media perceptions, and not the actual voters. The age issue has been stated recently, but nothing big really made of it. More people seemed to be focused on the issues rather than on outward appearances.

However, now, just 4.5 weeks away from the election, here is a water cooler conversation. Something other than race, something other than gender, now it is age--all hotbed topics in this country.

Will voters swing toward McCain because of his age? Or will they shy away because he may be too old and could possibly die in office?

Tell me, are these real issues, or is this a media distraction? I'm curious.
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