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Your Heart is your Love,
Your love is your Family,
Your family is your Future,
Your future is your Destiny,
Your destiny is your Ambition,
Your ambition is your Aspiration,
Your aspiration is your Motivation,
Your motivation is your Belief,
Your belief is your Peace,
Your peace is your Target,
Your target is Heaven,

I'm posting this in advance because I am in the process of relocating, and even though I am on the road to St. Louis, I am thinking of you all the way. Oh yeah, I forgot to share, I'm moving to St. Louis for good! It seems that I couldn't stand being away from my brothers and sisters any longer. My heart strings were pulled, and God began working on me about it, so it's on the road I go. Don't worry I'll still be blogging about my weight loss challenges. I'll just be doing it in another locale.