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Whew, I made it.

On Sunday, I relocated to St. Louis, Missouri from Detroit. What a life changing experience this is turning into.

First, I have been working from home since April of this year, after a major surgery caused me to lose my job. You would think that my world would have crumbled and turned upside down. It didn't. Instead I have embraced my newness.

On the way to St. Louis, I stopped by my aunt and uncles' in Gary, Indiana. It was good to see them again, they are elderly, yet you wouldn't know it. Both are full of life despite a couple of health challenges, it was enjoyable to connect with them.

My aunt prepared dinner and I ate royally. I'm glad I hadn't packed a lot of snacks for travel, otherwise, I couldn't have pigged out on meatloaf with gravy, vegetable salad, fresh string beans and potatoes and rolls!

But, you would have been proud of me: I passed on the soda. That's right, even though it was caffeine free, and diet, I let it go by me. See, I don't drink, soda at all. My drink of choice is water.

So, it was amazing to me that this report came in my email "10 Reasons Not To Drink Soda" from Quality Health.

  1. It makes you gain weight
  2. Puts you at risk for heart disease and diabetes
  3. Its bad for the environment
  4. Doesn't quench your thirst
  5. May cause digestive difficulties
  6. It's addictive
  7. Has no nutrients
  8. Harmful to teeth and bones
  9. May increase your risk of cancer
  10. It costs a lot

Yet, according to the report, Americans drink over 43 gallons of soda a year, packing on an extra 5500 empty calories a year.

My favorite one is #4, even after you drink it, you're still thirsty.