Yesterday we had the most fun with my 8 year old cousin. He is the son of my first cousin and an only child, and I thought I’d swoop him up and have a little fun on a 90 degree day. (that's him a couple of years ago)

We ventured to the Water Park at Belle Isle. Can’t you tell that Belle Isle is one of my favorite parks?

Anyway for $3 you can ride on any of 3 water slides. They vary in sizes, small, medium and large. The highest I got on was the medium slide; I wasn’t brave enough to get on the large one. First of all it was way too high in the air, second of all when I got on the medium sized one; I shot out of that slide like I was a torpedo without brakes. When I hit the water, my heart was beating so fast, I was a nervous wreck!

My 8 year old cousin, on the other hand, was way more courageous than I, he got on the ‘baby slide’ (as he called it) once, and from then on out, he was a big dog, only riding on the larger one. That was too much excitement for me, as I was very pleased riding the baby slide.

While I spent some quality time with him yesterday, it helped me to put some things into perspective. As a 47 year old woman, I am always learning something, welcoming new information and experiences into my life. Recently, I made 2 life changing decisions that have brought me pure joy.

After having major surgery in March, I lost my job so I started a healthy energy drink business. It is with a company that is 3 years old and has lots of potential. The marketing theory behind it is simple, because it’s easier to teach a smaller number of people how to make money then larger groups. It appeals to me because of the binary plan and being able to get on the ground floor with a business, it’s an investment in my future, similar to what Rapper 50 Cent did with Energy Water. I’m at the right place at the right time.

Second, I will be competing in a 13 mile half marathon November 18, 2008 to benefit Crohn’s Disease and Colitis as a part of Team Challenge. Doing this, I’ll be able to get fit, discover the best foods for my body type as it relates to my exercising; I’m going to maximize this opportunity.

For me, these two things are my great adventures of 2008. Just like riding the big water slide several times was an adventure for my 8 year old cousin, these are my life adventures. They are dreams that I am making come true.

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