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It dawned on me that some of my readers may not understand what the 'Share' button or 'Tweet it!' button means. For those of you that know the significance of these two buttons, you may now leave this post and read another. But, for those who wonder silently what are 'Share' and 'tweet it!' buttons, then this post is for you.

see it each time you visit my page or other bloggers pages. You may be asking yourself, just what will happen if I click on it? Will I go to some strange website that leads me from site to site? Or will I have to join something, something else?

'tweet it!', when clicked will lead you to Twitter, and if you have an account, the site will allow you to share this article with all your followers in the form of a 'retweet.' A 'retweet' means to share an interesting link or comment with others. Your followers will look at it, because they like you and believe you approve of it.

Not sure what each little icon at the end of the post means?

Just use your mouse to roll over each image and the name of the social networking site will appear to help jog your memory. Sharing articles on the internet is like sharing a joke, religious or political email--it gets the article in to other people who might be interested. Using the share buttons allow you to specifically direct an article or story to friends on Facebook who might be interested in business card printing.

Or your Twitter friends who may be looking for quality affordable postcards.

You may be wondering what the difference is between 'sharing' and bookmarking.

Let me explain.

Suppose you had a whole cherry pie to yourself. You ate one slice and decided it was so good that you wanted to give your best friend a piece. Eating one bite and your best friend decided she wanted to share it with two of her friends and so on and so on. When you use the 'Sharing' icons, you are giving away pieces of pie except the pie is an article you found interesting. So interesting that you are now sharing it with all your friends.

That's it. That's all those little social networking icons mean. So, now that you know, go ahead, try one out, see what happens. It won't bite you!


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