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Once I got to Downtown Disney, I walked around and marveled at all of the shops and restaurants there. You don't have to pay to go to Downtown Disney, its like an open air free for all. There is even an over priced McDonalds there. But hey, its DisneyWorld.

I ate at The Earl of Sandwich and had the most delicious cheddar cream of broccoli soup. I know my lunch was over 1500 calories, so I spent the majority of my day walking around theme parks to burn off the excess.

There are souvenir shops, and even a 24 screen AMC movie theater. One thing I noticed, is that Disneyworld is very clean. The streets are so clean, you can almost eat off of them. Disneyworld is not just for the kids, its for adults as well. There is a Planet Hollywood there along with a House of Blues nightclub. One night while in Downtown Disney the House of Blues had a long waiting line to get in. LOL.

There is also a Lego land style exhibit where you get to build lego figures. The Loch Ness sea monster you see below was built entirely out of Lego.

I managed to take these pictures of these beautiful parakeets as I walked past the Rainforest Cafe. Their handlers were putting on a show for us, allowing them to talk and repeat our names. My favorite was the blue one.

Tomorrow I will post some photos from the animal kingdom, one of my favorite theme parks at DisneyWorld.


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