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It's back...for those of you who missed or wondered what happened to PayPerPost v4.0, well wonder no more. PayPerPost V4.0 has resurfaced better than ever.

Over the past few months, many bloggers have questioned whether IZEA was going to destroy Pay Per Post? Even the quality of post advertisers had diminished. The old Pay Per Post had turned into an online waste land and bloggers were running away from the once highly regarded site in legions.

Being associated with PayPerPost was like having a scarlet letter on your blog. NO one wanted to be known as a blogger with a sponsored post from them on their site. You still have to disclose within the sponsored posts, however, that's only fair, don't you think?

Now, the site has reinvented itself, and is inviting good writers back. Pay Per Post wants to show you something new. They want to show you that it is not a black mark on your blog to write for them.

So go back to them, check out the new PayPerPost, oh and they have even simplifed the entire process of adding additional blogs and getting them approved. So, spread the word, tell everyone that you know, that Pay Per Post has returned with a vengeance!


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