Have you ever wondered what your dreams meant?

As far as I can remember, I have always dreamed in color. My dreams are so vivid, it's like I am actually there, caught in a moment of time. The people speak so clearly, I remember exactly what they are wearing, and what color things are.

Just last night I had a dream about my late father.

Being the product of an affair, I never really knew my dad. I mean I knew him because I would speak to him by telephone, and a couple of times when he came to visit. You see, my father lived in Indiana, and I lived in Michigan. And on top of that, he was married. But, the one thing I am blessed for, he introduced me to my other six siblings as a

(my father)

Last night I dreamed that my father was alive, and that he said his death was a trick. In my dream he was wearing a tan khaki suit--I never saw my father wear a suit before so this was a stretch for me.

It was daylight, and very sunny outside. We were standing outside this almost deserted area on a windy, yet kind of hot day. In his hand he held a piece of paper with directions, like a map of some sort. And he told me that I had to follow these directions through Canada and back down to Philadelphia. He also asked me was I familiar with a toll booth, because I would pass through one in Canada.

Lastly, he told me I had to gather all my brothers and sisters and bring them along with me.

I don't know if I took the journey or not, because it was then that I woke up. Yet, I was very tired when I awoke, as if I had been busy while sleeping.

Because I am in the midst of a spiritual journey, seeking God wholeheartedly daily, maybe this is God speaking to me. Actually, I am certain it is, because scripture says that the Spirit of the Lord speaks to us in dreams and visions. I just don't know what is being revealed to me, at least not yet.

Then this past Saturday night, I dreamed that I was trudging along in muddy waters, that I was tired but not giving up....still tarrying along to my destiny. I was alone, with no one for miles, yet I could see a body of water with a boat there. I was trying to get to this water and the boat so that my journey could be made easier.

I don't know what either of these dreams mean. I truly believe the Holy Spirit is saying something to me, and I am listening for further instruction.

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