Man, it was 68 degrees yesterday and I could not resist getting outside and taking some pictures. Keep in mind that the St Louis area is home to many species of animals.

If you happen to visit the Bird Migratory Center just outside of Alton, Illinois, (that's where I went), you'll find numerous bird lovers out with binoculars and scopes, looking to get a close peek at nature.

My trip recently was pretty cool. I discovered a Red Winged Blackbird. That's a shot of a male. Basically, the males arrive in the area first to find a locale for the females, which look nothing like the males. The males arrive first, find a home and then a huge migration of blackbirds will hit town. Probably in a week or two. Whenever you see these birds, you can begin to think spring.

But with spring comes insects, and Missouri has lots of interesting ones. While watching the beautiful birds soar, I looked at some rocks off the shore of the lake and discovered, numerous spiders. Now spiders give me the creepy crawlies, and just taking their picture made me itch. It's probably why I came home and took Benadryl; my allergies were killing me! Anyway, I couldn't resist this shot of the spiders.

There were also some geese, I could see the very small Ross Geese as well as snow geese in the distance, but they were not trying to get too close to humans. LOL. Anyway, at a distance, they're still pleasing to the eye...take a peek.

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