I moved into my new beginning, my new life recently. I just purchased a home. It felt like I was shedding an old, inefficient skin and trading it in for a new one. Here I was at the 'there go I but for the grace of God' segment of my life--in my own house!

As I said, this is a new beginning, where it leads, who knows? My life has never been boring. The life experiences I've endured has wisened me and strengthened me at the same time. I've been pruned and chastened more than a few times in this life, except now, I'm starting to get 'it.'

But, this entire experience is fun. Now, it's on to the next level: financial responsibilities of running a household.

I've never been able to balance a check book; the bank usually gets as much of my money as I do, when I fool around with checking accounts. So I decided not to order any checks with my account, preferring to use my debit card only. If I use my debit card only, then I will know exactly how much money I have in my account at all times. No surprises this time. I've got a handle on it now.

Staying in financial rhythm requires me to keep looking ahead. January's obligations will be met on time, barring any unforeseen emergencies, but I've started to use a rule of thumb.

Actually, it's 'Teasa's Rule of Fingers and Thumbs.' After I put it into action this week, I'll share with you how I work under my own financial toughness. Maybe I could create a course on keeping your finances in shape...I'd call it, 'Teasas Rule of Fingers and Thumbs,' hmmm, that might not be such a bad idea after all.

Happy New Year, and thanks for hanging out in Teasas World.


Bruce said... @ January 2, 2009 at 11:56 AM

I get the whole not having a check book thing, but I would caution one thing. This may not be something you experience, but I don't do well with a debit card. It just seems as if I will spend more money with a card. Instead I try to stay on the cash thing. I'm just not as apt to spend money as I am when its a card.

I don't know the difference, but this is the way it is. We still don't use checks, but I will take a few hundred dollars out of the bank in denominations of 5 dollars and it seems to last longer.

By the way congrats on your new home

Teasas Tips said... @ January 3, 2009 at 2:20 PM

Bruce I'm the exact opposite, I tend to watch my debit card balance more closely than my checking account. With a checking account I lose track of my spending. Thanks for the congrats and for commenting.

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