Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. From walking away from a deadly car crash unharmed to the crash of an U.S. Airways airbus in which no one is killed or hurt. Everyday little and small blessings happen to us. Most times we don't even acknowledge the source of those blessings. We've gotten too busy to thank God for those blessings.

My entire life has been one big blessing. From being the product of an extramarital affair to the varied experiences I've enjoyed. One time in particular I felt God had really opened up the financial heavens for me. Let me tell you about it.

About five years ago, I hit the 4-digit lottery number for $5000 three days in a row! I was on cloud 9! When the announcer called my number, my stomach turned to jelly and I instantly felt weak. This $5000 money blessing had come at the right time. I had come up short on bills that month and didn't know how I was going to remedy the shortcomings. I felt that by hitting the number, that was my money blessing.

I'm sure you can probably look back at your life and identify instances where you had an abundance. Times when everything was good in your world. You were blessed (you were being blessed, but did you acknowledge those blessings?)

Sometimes we get so busy with our day to day lives that we forget to say thank you to God for all the blessings he bestows upon us.

I wrote this post today because I just want to tell the Lord thank yo for all He has done for me. He has answered my prayers of being able to make a living doing the two things I love -- writing and taking pictures. I am forever grateful to Him for that.

Certainly, you've had good experiences in your life too. Share them if you feel like it in the form of a comment below. Thanks for reading Teasas World!


Anonymous said... @ January 31, 2009 at 3:22 PM

Hey LaTease,
How good of you to write about gratitut today.

I can relate to you and yes some times we do take everything for granted, but I do know better and I have a list of things I'm grateful for. My list is about eithy something.

But I don't reate fo the winning lottery as you did.

But I do acknowledge my blessings.
I know things will get better once I do what I need to do. I do have a plan.

By the way did your "Beast" arive today? Or do you expect it this coming monday?

Have a nice weekend.
Bye for now

Teasas Tips said... @ February 1, 2009 at 5:23 PM

Yes being gracious is part of it. The whole package of who I am. Thanks Deana.

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