In church this morning, the minister put the question to the congregation, "what will you do in order to follow the Lord?" A simple enough request. I'll just pick up and follow him, it's easy. But, it's not. Because many times when the Lord tests us, it makes us feel uncomfortable, and even downright contentious. Many times I find myself questioning God, the way a child might question a parent. Yet the more I study my Bible, the more I realize, nothing is easy.

Here's why.

We are so accustomed to being who we are, what we do is basically who we are. For instance, you smoke cigarettes, so each day you smoke at least one cigarette. Yet, statistics say that each time you light up one and smoke it, you take 6 minutes off your life. But, you still do it. If you had a choice between following the Lord and living a life holy, would you give up your cigarettes? Could you?

Would you give up something that you love in order to show how much you love Christ? Would you? Could you? What will you give up in order to have eternal life? I know a heavy subject on a weekend, but nevertheless, I felt this post needed to be written.

Just last week, I was challenged by my faith. I had to give up four things--or put it simply, I needed to give up at least 4 things in my life that was keeping me from getting closer to God. In my mind I didn't think I was hurting anyone but myself--yet my faith and the Word told me differently. It was if God would not let me go any further in my journey if I did not cleanse myself of the things that were separating me from Jesus.

Has it been easy? No. Do I regret my decisions? I try not to. Mainly because I don't live in the past, I make a decision and then I roll with it. It's the best way to live.

You see, I consider myself a soul under construction, a practicing Christian. Sometimes I get it right, sometimes I get confused and make poor choices. And furthermore, I am nowhere near being perfect. That's why I view myself as a soul under construction. A novice in a sea of seasoned fish. Or maybe we're all souls under construction, never really getting there until He says we are there.

To me, the Bible is a difficult book to read--the most difficult I have ever read in my entire life--this coming from a fairly educated woman. However, what I have learned in my 47 years is that reading the Bible is not the problem, understanding my role, my duties is the thing. You see, we all have to come before the Lord, good, bad or indifferent. Whether we make the choice to do it now willingly, or forcefully later on is our decision. Personally, I'd like to have a little say so in the matter so I choose to do it willingly.

The Bible explains it all, past, present and future. It gives the answers that we all seek. It is my sustenance, my Jesus juice. I know this post may seem like a rambling combination of words to some, but a few will get it. The ones that don't get it, I'll just pray for you.

Peace, thanks for dropping in to Teasas World.


John Sullivan said... @ November 24, 2008 at 1:57 AM

Why did you try to hide this post from me :) I thought it was excellent and for me the best I have read that you've written yet :)
It's just a Journey~Destination unknown:)
Peace thanks for your friendship I do appreciate it :)

Teasas Tips said... @ November 24, 2008 at 10:33 AM

Hey John, I didn't try to hide it, I just wrote it late last night. Thx 4 hanging out and commenting!

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