My Stats:

Your BMI is: 37.27

Your BMI falls within the high risk range. Reducing your BMI may reduce your risk for heart disease, Type 2 diabetes or other serious health problems. --So far the doctor tells me my heart is good, no disease symptoms or evidence, no diabetes, and my blood pressure is under control.

You are 115 pounds overweight. (For me getting down to 180--44 pounds away, is my goal.)

Being at a healthy weight can reduce your risk of weight-related diseases, such as coronary artery disease, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke. Being at a healthy weight is only one part of the solution, you also need to eat healthy and nutritious meals.

You would like to: Lose Lots of Weight (20+ lbs)--yep:)

Your Current Weight Is:
238 Pounds
Your Weight After 6 Months of this Diet: 186 Pounds
Your Total 6 Month Weight Loss Will be: 52 Pounds
Your BMI after 6 Months Will be: 29.13 (In a much healthier range)
Your average weekly weight loss will be: 2-4 Pounds
Your average daily calorie intake: 1600-2100
Your number of meals per day will be: 5

Wow, reading that report from Smart Diet makes me want to run far away from the kitchen! But, I won't. I mean, I am sensible and I am not one of those people who is looking to be Hollywood skinny. No, I know my body, I know when I feel good, and when I feel bad. I pay close attention to the signals I get.

But, I will take their meal plan under advisement. I didn't sign up for the monitoring which is $4.95/month.

They have several options, in case you're interested...here they are--

Balanced Diet Plan

This diet features a balanced between carbohydrate, fat and protein intake, and avoids going to any extremes. This diet is very popular and successful due to how easy it is to stay on. While this diet may not shed the pounds as aggressively as other plans, it thrives for the long term dieter looking for an "easy-to-stick-to" weight loss solution.

Low Carb Diet Plan

This diet utilizes the science of low-carbohydrate intake to rapidly burn away body fat. Not all low carb diets are built the same, and we believe our low carb plan will out perform the competition. Our low carb diet is also easier to stick to than others due to the fact that we actually incorporate days with high carbs used to spike your metabolism, and have some delicious low carb foods that actually seem like splurges! This diet is recommended especially for those diets who do not regularly exercise.

Athletic Diet Plan

The athletic diet is specially formulated by our dietitians with help from a professional bodybuilder for athletes or gym rats looking to be in perfect shape. This diet expects you to be very physically active, and utilizes that to get your physique cut and toned. This diet actually features an abundance of quality low glycemic carbs, and will give you the energy and fuel you need for your active lifestyle, while burning away any excess fat and feeding your lean muscle.

Splurge Diet Plan

The splurge diet is an extremely popular diet plan found only here at SmartDiets.com. The splurge diet is for people who are looking to lose weight, but cannot stay away from their favorite "bad" foods. The splurge diet incorporates your needs for unhealthy and fattening foods like pizza, barbecue, candy, and even fast foods! Our one-of-a-kind SmartDiet methodology actually utilizes these splurges to fuel your metabolism and assist in your fat burning on diet days!

Extreme Weight Loss Plan (this is me)

The extreme diet is for those of you looking for EXTREME weight loss. This diet is by far our most effective diet plan, but is only for the truly motivated dieters. While other plans will allow more bad foods, and less "diet" foods, the extreme diet is formulated to pick the foods that will burn away pounds of fast as soon as possible. This does not mean that the food on this plan is terrible, it just means this diet is harder to stick to than other easier diets. If you are up for the challenge, there is no better diet.

I think I'll just keep doing what I'm doing, and watch my calorie intake...or will I?


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