Hey everyone, tomorrow's the big walk--Walk For A Cure for JDRF- and I got up at 6AM this morning to go help set everything up.

The tents and tables were all set up when I left, even though its pouring down raining. LOL for my hair. Guess I won't be getting it done this week, going au naturel....

Anyway, I didn't raise the $3000 goal I set for myself, but the $105 I got is going to go to good use believe me.

I got 2 t-shirts today from them....a bright orange one for volunteering today and a white one for the walk tomorrow.

Well that's all for today, this is a short post because I've got a long day ahead of me. First I'll shower, take a nap, go pick my sister up from work, then attend a seminar with author J. L. King on how to get published this evening.

Then its to bed for an early rise for tomorrow's walk. It's still not too late to donate, I've decided this is going to be a forever thing....so if you're strapped for cash now, I truly understand. The widget on the right sidebar will be there for you whenever you can afford to donate.

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!!!


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