It's been a couple of days since I blogged about my progress. Well I haven't been slacking. Just working on my other blogs trying to drive more traffic to them. You know, bills gotta get paid.

Anyway, I have been doing my walking...2 miles Monday & Tuesday and 1.4 Miles Wednesday.

It's been hot as heck up here and I've actually been waiting until late in the evening to go out and get my walk on. I am not trying to be an egg mcmuffin on the sidewalk you know?

One of the things that keep me motivated is my spiritual connection. I read something motivational/inspirational daily and if I don't God finds me. Let me give you an example.
(I'm writing this because I believe that if your head is not right then nothing in our life is right).

Here's What I Do...

A fave of mine is Joyce Meyer's Book, "Battlefield Of The Mind." However, in March of this year I was introduced to "The Secret." I had an out of body experience after watching that video. SERIOUSLY. It opened my eyes to things I already knew, but didn't know, sounds crazy huh?

But it did. I mean the power of seeing yourself where you want to be, projecting it mentally and causing it to happen is something I always knew, practiced on some level, but never really put it into play. That is until now.

See, getting up and walking 2 miles a day, eating properly is not easy. For those of you trying to lose a few pounds, you know exactly what I mean. Will power is not sold at WalMart, so this is something you have to manifest in yourself. Believe me when I say I struggle with myself everyday when it comes time to walk.

You Don't Need To Walk Today, You Did It Yesterday...

Yeah, that little voice tells me that all the time. But I'm getting better at ignoring it. Really I need all the spiritual ammunition I can get. So, when I saw this widget on Life's Journey's Blog, I knew I had to have it.

Not necessarily for me, but for the next person who may need it. Maybe the little quiz contained in the widget will get you to thinking about something in your life, leading you to calm and peace. I don't know, I just felt compelled to share.

Here it is below, and if you want it for your blog, snatch it. The more the merrier!

Until next time, be well, be healthy!


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