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I didn't think squirrels got so tired of running around that they took naps in the middle of the day. Here is a squirrel just outside my bedroom window in my backyard, resting in a tree, and obviously trying to take a nap.

Squirrels have really acute hearing, even though I shot this through my bedroom window, he heard, or saw me raise the blinds, and thats when he looked straight at the camera. Because I wanted to get a shot of him sleeping, I kept the blinds up, and patiently waited.

The squirrel would not have been noticed by me or you if we were walking around the backyard, because their color is camoflauged with the tree branch. Another way nature protects animals from harm.

These pictures were shot with a Canon Digital Rebel Picture #1 was shot at F5.6 1/125 second; #2 was shot at F5.6 1/250 second and picture #3 was shot at F5.6 at 1/160 second.

I didn't photoshop anything, they were all shot in RAW format.


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