Scripture speaks to drunkenness and overindulgence in our lives and how these things can ruin a godly life. Can you remember getting so high or drunk that you could not even remember all the things you did while you were drinking? I have. Many times I have prayed to the porcelain god, hoping that whatever was tormenting my body would leave quickly and without harm. That was when I was drinking the so-called good stuff. You know, the cognacs and expensive champagnes. Yes, I remember those days.

Well, I graduated, if you will, moved onto something different. Something that would not leave me hungover in the morning--or so I thought. I began smoking weed. Some call it marijuana, ganja, etc. I keep saying it wasn't an addiction, but as I write this, I have to wonder if it really was.

My reasoning was that if I smoked weed, it wouldn't do as much physical harm to my body as quickly as alcohol would. And, on top of that, God doesn't specifically say anything against marijuana in the Bible, now does He?

Again, it was a trick that the devil was playing. See, the enemy comes to destroy and choke the word from our hearts, and God knows this too (Mark 4:19 KJV). He knows that the enemy is crafty, and that the enemy will cause us to take the word and debate it, and compromise the Word. Compromising the covenant that is between us and God.

So, the enemy tells us there is no scripture anywhere in the Bible that specifically forbids smoking marijuana. And that marijuana is a plant that is grown of the earth, that it is natural, so there is no harm done, right?

That's the rationale I used all those years. Little did I know that I was compromising the Word. There is scripture that speaks to drunkenness--which God specifically condemns.

God condemns drunkenness and anything that causes our ability to think clearly as wrong. Proverbs 20:21 states: "Wine produces mockers; alcohol leads to brawls. Those led astray by drink cannot be wise." Basically this means that when you are drunk or high, you lose the ability to think clearly and can not live a wise and balanced life.

Don't get it twisted, I am not preaching a sermon of hypocrisy. Rather, I am speaking from experience. Marijuana was my drug of choice after I stopped drinking because I didn't think God would disapprove of it. My reasoning was the same as yours, 'it's a natural herb,' why not? Well, because I am a thinking woman and always questioning things, I wanted to know what God says about marijuana legalization.

As my pastor told me yesterday, it's pretty clear. "Alcohol is for the dying, and wine for those in bitter distress. Let them drink to forget their poverty and remember their troubles no more." Proverbs 31:7 KJV.

So you drink or smoke marijuana to forget; smoking marijuana will definitely make you forget your troubles along with some other key memories. Smoke enough marijuana and you will certainly expedite the effects of Alzheimer's--just check out some longtime stoners, they don't remember what they did last week and probably not even last night. I know, I have lost quite a few brain cells over the years all for the sake of some good 'smoke.'

Anything that will separate you from the love of God is forbidden. Smoking marijuana impairs our judgment. It keeps us from making the godly decisions that allow us to lead a balanced, wise life. Proverbs 23:19-21 states: "My child listen and be wise: keep your heart on the right course. Do not carouse with drunkards or feast with gluttons, for they are on their way to poverty, and too much sleep clothes them in rags."

That scripture reminds me of something my mother once told me as a young girl. She said: "A lady never gets drunk because men will try to take advantage of her (body)."

It wasn't just these words that kept me from getting drunk in public (although I would do it in my own home, I felt that didn't count), but it was the way she said it. My mother made it sound as if I would become a slut, a whore if I did these things. And in my household, that just wasn't acceptable to throw your body around to whomever would take it. So, I know somewhere in those words, scripture was based.

What would Jesus do if asked about legalizing marijuana? It's pretty clear, keep His word, live His word and you will not have any questions.

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