On this afternoon's Michael Baisden radio show, Michelle Obama spoke to the popular radio host by saying she is “happy that the country has responded.”

Voters around the country are speaking about how children, older Americans, all people of color are very engaged in this election. Never before in my years have I observed such passion for a presidential election.

Even though there have been times when the campaign has turned to dirty tricks exposing the societal sores of this country. But, you know what, that's okay. At least when the sores are exposed, we know how to address them. Michelle Obama says, “we have one day to move this country in another direction.”

It is certainly the time to exercise your right to vote. Voters can expect a huge turnout, so as Michelle Obama stated on the show, “...expect long lines” tomorrow at the polls. And as many reports have shown, some states show almost 30-40% of registered voters have already voted according to Michael Baisden.

Personally, I like the class that Michelle Obama exudes, as does her husband. I would be honored to have them as the first family in the White House.

(note: My condolences go to Barack Obama and his family on the passing of his grandmother today. May God keep and hold you during this time of mourning. And please don't buy into what Fox News is saying, that Barack Obama's grandmother's passing is “convenient.” Where is the compassion?)

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