When I think about emancipated minors I think about the time my then teen-aged daughter wanted to be emancipated from me and my house. Thank God I thought! You don’t understand, my teen evilene daughter was the minor from _________________(fill in the blanks). So one day she decided to tell me she was filing for emancipation.

Emancipation was a new concept then. Savvy teens knew about it, but it hadn’t hit mainstream households yet. To be emancipated from your parents, a minor would need to file the necessary legal documents with the court. Then of course a trial or hearing would be set to hear the complaint. When my daughter asked for her emancipation though, I was secretly happy.

Her lack of respect for the rules of my home, her blatant disregard to maintaining more than passing grades in order to meet expectations, you know little rebellious behaviors like that. I was looking forward to an emancipation from her lifestyle.it was wearing me out. She didn’t know it, but emancipation from her was a welcome event.

Parents take it from me; don’t take it personal if your minor wants to be emancipated from you. Let them go. This is a hard world right now and the economy is especially cruel. Your minors aren’t equipped to handle an economy like this one. But if emancipation is what they seek, then emancipation they shall have.

Once life kicks them around a few times, they’ll be trying to take you on a honeymoon. Emancipation is a nice way of telling me you don’t need my help anymore.


John Sullivan said... @ November 18, 2008 at 10:04 PM

Can we do it at 11 :)
My son is in a big school now and I don't like the changes I notice in his attitude etc.

JMom said... @ November 19, 2008 at 2:15 PM

Can a parent file to emancipate a child? :-) The reason I ask, I have two teens and one pre-teen. I want to be prepared. LOL!!

So what happened with your daughter, did she file?

Teasas Tips said... @ November 19, 2008 at 2:56 PM

I think so jmom...you might want to check with your local juvenile authorities...as far as my kid...naw she didn't file...she is a pure Hollywood drama queen. She is now 24 years old and going through the young adult angst of not listening to her mother when she was young, so instead of capitalizing on the 'free' advice she was so rebellious against as a teen, she now has to 'pay'in life lessons, which are very painful and expensive. LOL. She will be fine, some people just don't believe that water is wet, so they must learn things the hard way. Thanks for asking.

@johnsullivan...I think the emancipation age legally is based upon the state you are in. Check with the juvenile authorities there.

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