I was just thinking, there are so many people out of work this year, that Christmas may be painful for some families. People are struggling just to make ends meet, trying to pay the necessities. I am so blessed that I don't have those worries. I pray for all that are struggling financially.

But, it brought me to another thought, about tithing. You know, the 10% thing we're supposed to do according to the Bible. Instantly I had the urge to make sure I pay my tithes this month. You see for me, tithing is a luxury. I have never, ever done it consistently in my life, and by the grace of God, this is the first time I can do it without taking it back. Know what I mean?

I figure, maybe my 10% will bless someone who is having trouble paying their lights or gas bill this season, or someone who may not have enough money to buy a turkey for thanksgiving. Whatever the need is, I hope I can help.

Just a short blurb today as you venture into Teasas World.


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