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Acai Berries are 100% natural and full of anti-oxidants.

Fresh Acai Berries can be mixed with bananas, apples, papayas or strawberries in milk or water.

According to Workout Planet, you must be careful when using Acai Berries, because they can stain your hands and clothing.

Because Acai (pronounced Asai) Berries are the latest fitness trend around the world, I thought I'd give you a few good reasons why they can aid in your weight loss.

  1. Helps your body burn fat more efficiently
  2. Great anti-aging product
  3. Good for blood circulation
  4. Great for digestive health
  5. Regulates metabolism
Natural Acai Berry is also available as a vitamin supplement. No doubt you've seen ads on the web promoting it. I haven't used it yet, because I just ordered some of the supplement here...
In Brazil and South America, Acai Berries are very prevalent, athletes eat them all the time as a natural nutrient.

You can order a free trial of Acai Berry vitamin supplements for only $4.87 shipping and handling here (U.S. only).