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I signed up for a free trial of Extreme Acai Berry dietary supplements and received them today in the mail. I was a little skeptical of them, because of all the claims made pointing toward their success.

Well, after taking my first dose, I want to tell you that they work! They do what they are supposed to do, in terms of well, cleaning you out.

Following the directions on the bottle, you are to take 2 tablets 30 minutes before eating. I did this. And if my 1st dose is any indication of what to expect, then I can see how it can aid in a healthy colon.

Just Monday, I wrote about the natural powers of Acai Berry, and how it is regarded as a superfood. In Brazil, they just pick the acai berries and make wonderful, nutritious meals with them.

If you want to try the Acai Berry dietary supplement, click here...there is no guarantee you will lose weight, but it will cleanse your body, and if the experts are to be believed, this can lead to weight loss.

Let me know what your results are...I'd love to know...