Yesterday was a monumental day for me as far as exercise goes. I walked 2 miles! I finally got up the nerve to push myself to the next level. When I made it back home, I was tired, in a little pain, and ready to come out of my clothes!


The route I walk is easily accessible from our home. It is pretty hard to deny the park across the street from us. There is no way I’m going to miss that opportunity! Last year when we first moved in, we took the park’s measurements (4 laps equals 1 mile). That’s pretty standard. But I wanted to go on a more scenic route to my weight loss goals. Instead of doing the park, I chose to make my memorable 2 mile walk along city blocks—from XX Mile Road to XXX Mile Road.

I wish I knew my starting weight in all of this. On the other hand maybe it’s good that I don’t have the added negativity of a number in mind. Putting my weight on blast doesn’t help my self esteem; it causes me to focus more on the number than it does the real demon: my overall health. It’s a matter of focusing on the big picture rather than a minor flaw.

Back to the 2 mile journey.

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I had expected to feel a little tired at the half way point, instead I felt fine. My breathing was normal, my hips or knees didn’t feel stressed, and I was convinced I had missed out on the offering of pain. Then again, this was my normal distance, I shouldn’t expect that.

Turning the corner and crossing over to the other side of the street, the finish line was not clearly in view. My mind started playing tricks on me, subtle suggestions of having my car to rescue me, plus reminders that I can’t stop now. Right then I saw what will power looked like. It’s sheer determination to finish because there is no other choice, I can’t stop. Today I would conquer the 2 mile walk.

Halfway home my breathing shows the beginning of ‘okay that’s enough.’ So I willed my legs to increase my stride. My answer to slow down is speed up, I’m too close to start slacking, and a vision of me in the shower motivates me. I can see lit candles, smooth jazz in the background and some Tone Shower Gel in my future. But I’ve got to get there first in order to enjoy the spoils.

Out of all the exercises I could have chosen to get fit, I chose walking. Why? Because it doesn’t cost anything to join; I don’t have to buy special clothes, only proper shoes; don’t have to travel to get there; it’s fun and good for my knees. Usually my sore muscles get the Ben-Gay treatment. I need to put a deep-tissue massage in my budget. Anybody know a good (legal) masseuse in the Metro Detroit Area? If you do, let me know.

Finally I cross the street in front of my house. A sense of accomplishment starts to rise within my chest. I made it. I completed my first 2 mile walk!

Another reason I started walking is because I have volunteered to walk in a Half Marathon for the Team Challenge Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. As soon as I get my web page up for it, I’ll let everyone know.

To participate in this walk-a-thon, you must train for 16 weeks. Some people are running, others are walking. Training for runners are broken up into 3 groups, beginners, intermediate and advanced. Walkers’ training is 3 miles, 3 times per week plus an additional 30 minute walk. There are 2 off days. So, that’s why I’m being proactive in building up my endurance early. The kickoff for Team Challenge is July 17th and training begins soon afterward. I’m not sure of the exact start date for training; I’ll find that out at the kick-off.

The Half-Marathon will be held in San Antonio, Texas—November 16, 2008. As a Team Challenge participant, hotel and transportation is provided. The use of a personal trainer and nutritionist for 16 weeks is another plus. Besides, I love participating in worthy causes whenever I can. It’s a great way to inform and educate those who don’t know about Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. There’ll be more information once the site gets up.

Back to my 2 mile walk.

I completely disrobed once I got inside my door. I was a little tired, sweaty and hot. A quick drink of water quenched my thirst. I had a good idea for dinner involving wild rice, zucchini, squash and shrimp. But right now, I was way too tired to start cooking anything. I just wanted to blast the air conditioner and think about what I just accomplished. It was awesome!

Today is really the day of challenge for me. Because I have to do it again, and again. But first, I have to repeat what I did yesterday. That is where the push needs to come. Even as I type this, I am thinking of reasons not to walk 2 miles again. Thoughts like, ‘it’s gonna rain, blah, blah, blah’ I’ll just have to overcome this.

So, that being said, I’m publishing this post, and on my way out the door to do another 2 mile hike. I’m gonna need a shower after this.

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