This 4th of July has been difficult on my healthy eating habits! It all started Thursday the day before the 4th when I started out at the Casino with my daughter. We didn’t eat there, only lost our $30 and left. Actually I lost $30; she won $40, LOL!

We ventured over to my younger sister’s home where she was doing her cooking early. She had ribs on the grill and bratwurst. I have a serious weakness for brats. Brats and beer, yep. That’s me, very Midwestern I am. However, I only ate 2 of them, seeing as I had forgotten to take my water pill that morning, I was totally flying on faith. I didn’t drink any alcohol, and I justified my weakness by saying all I had to eat that day was a veggie salad. Ok, Thursday was not that bad.

Uhh, Friday, July 4th was a whole ‘nother arena. We went to a friend’s house on the lake, and did not do the traditional barbecue the pig and everything else we could find. Instead I had some fresh string beans mixed with okra and crowder peas. I love all vegetables, and for my friend Lois to prepare them without salt, and still manage to make them delectable was a joy to my palate and stomach!

We had fried catfish (my bad), and homemade rolls. Yes, a good time was had by all as we watched the boaters on the lake from her deck while drinking White Merlot. By 6:30pm I had taken two naps, one outside on the deck, and the other in the den. Yes, I slept my drunken stupor off, ate some more fish and beans, and drove on home.


Today it is back to normal. The weather man said it’s supposed to bet up to 86 degrees today, so I’ll probably get my 2 miles out of the way early. Yes, I need to walk at least 2 miles, with the way I’ve been eating, I feel like a stuffed pig!

I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend. I know I am. Be safe and stay healthy!

**4th of July History Tidbit**

It was not declared a legal holiday, until 1941. However Independence Day was observed since July 8, 1776


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