"Of all exercises, walking is the best." — Thomas Jefferson
Among the many great things about walking is that it can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and in so very many different ways (and places):

* Alone, for solitude and reflection, or with friends and family for social connection
* In smaller chunks (10-30 minutes), before the day starts, or winding down after work
* Indoors or out, in the city or the suburbs, or the country
* On a trail, the sidewalk, the treadmill or the mall
* On vacation, on the road, between meetings

The easiest way to get going on a walking program is to set aside a specific time each day for your walk. When your walking is "scheduled," it's harder to cancel out. After working a walk into a specific time period, you may become quite attached to it. But that doesn't mean your daily walk has to become boring.

Some people enjoy the same or similar routes and some enjoy wandering and exploring new ones. For others, it's great family time to walk with the baby in the stroller and discuss the day's happenings with a spouse. Still others find a daily walk with a friend or neighbor to be a great way to stay committed and be social at the same time.

Walking goes to the dogs
Even if you have a yard for your dog, dogs need, want, and love exercise every day. Going for a walk with the dog is a great way to get both of you out for something enjoyable together, while also being very good for you both. After work (or before), instead of letting the dog out into the yard, strap on the leash and go for a brisk walk with your buddy.

People who work from home often report how much better they feel— rejuvenated, even—by taking a brisk mid-morning and late afternoon walk break with their dog. If you don't have a dog, and you know someone who does, offer to help that neighbor or friend with the walking duties—they might appreciate a break. Even better, take your neighbor and their dog out for a walk with you!

"Me time"
For some, the daily walk can become an important ritual of "me time," which makes that time not only enjoyable but valuable. Some like to listen to music and walk with hand weights for a good workout; for others, it's a chance to de-stress or go over (or forget!) the events of the day.

A daily walk can also be a spiritual exercise as much as physical one, incorporating meditation, reflection or connection with the natural beauty of nature or the cultural beauty of city life.

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