As a way to welcome in the New Year, I will be featuring articles by medical authorities on some of the most popular diets. Normally, after the Christmas holidays people are more apt to buy weight training and exercise machines, join a fitness center or go on a diet. For the next 5 days there will be articles regarding some popular diets and their pros and cons.
By Gary Machado

There are plenty of weight loss programs on the market and you have your choice from many different models. One such model is the Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan made popular by Atkins, South Beach and Glycemic Index.

Weight loss by dieting requires a daily commitment from the individual who chooses go on such a diet. Weight isn't gained in a day and it won't be lost in a day. It takes time. Weight gain or loss consists of the difference between the remaining calories that are eaten and those that are burned. You gain weight when you take in more calories than you use, and you lose weight when you expend more calories than you eat Other factors to consider are your age, gender, fitness level, genetic make up, stress level, amount of exercise and food that you eat.

But this approach is not central to the high protein low carb diet plan. These plans aren't concerned with the number of calories but rather their main focus is the amount of sugar and carbohydrates that are taken into your body through foods that are high in carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and potatoes. The diet essentially places your body into ketoacidosis, which burns more calories quickly but also has many negative side effects. Chief among them are lower mental acuity, stress on the kidneys, feelings of being tired, increased blood pressure, high cholesterol, diarrhea and severe headaches.
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Before starting a high protein low carb diet plan you should consult with your physician to determine if your current health will withstand the stresses of the ketoacidosis, which are similar to those who have diabetes.

Don't forget to tell your doctor the medications you are taking and your current blood glucose tolerance.

Several things you do will help to increase your success at using a high protein low carb diet plan. Drink plenty of water, at least 8-10 8oz glasses per day, but limit the amount of caffeine you take in. The fluids should be water; not soda, not coffee, not tea. To compensate for the nutritional deficits you may experience.while on the diet, you should also take an additional vitamin and fiber supplement.

While on this diet you should also include some daily exercise and physical activity. This is especially important using a low carb diet plan. It will help to lessen some of the side effects.

And central to this diet plan is to carefully monitor your sugar and carbohydrate levels.

When you use a high protein low carb diet plan you can initially count on feeling cravings for the foods that you can no longer eat. To increase your chance of success you should get rid of those foods in the house. Through them all out. Get rid of them completely.

When you shop for the foods and the recipes that you will need while on this diet, be organized and plan for the eventual and almost certain cravings you'll have. Be sure there is food in the house which yiu are allowed to eat to help you withstand the temptations.

One major pitfall to this diet is that you will increase the amount of animal protein that you will be ingesting, which in turn decreases the absorption of calcium in your body. This can lead to osteoporosis and bone loss.

When you are taking a vitamin supplement include a mineral and calcium supplement as well.

The high protein low carb diet plan can help you to learn better eating habits and help you with weight loss. Just be certain to take your doctor's advice about the length of time you should stay on this diet before gradually changing to a healthy diet. One that you can maintain over the coming years.

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